Full Service Financial Solutions for Small Business Owners

Alchemy Accounting is a full service accounting agency for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs. From basic bookkeeping, to month-end management, year-end management, annual returns, financial statements, and full-cycle accounting packages- we offer everything you need to ensure your business financials are handled.

We are proud to serve businesses all over the world using our state of the art virtual solutions to provide an outsourced “accounting department” for companies around the globe. If you’re ready to take the stress out of managing your company’s money, contact us today to take advantage of our competitive rates and exemplary service.

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The Bookkeeper

We are proud to offer reliable, professional, and precise bookkeeping services for your business, no matter where in the world you are located.

Our day-to-day bookkeeping service includes payables, receivables, payroll, as well as local authority and tax reporting (PST, GST/HST, and State Taxes).

The Accounting Department

Everything to do with the numbers in your business – bookkeeping and month end services combined into one monthly package. Year-end Reconciliation management including reconciliations to bank/credit card, balancing of accounts, year-end journal entries, accruals, year-end payroll reconciliation, year-end Worksafe BC reporting and reconciliation, T4s and T4 Summary as well as audited and unaudited financial statements.

The Accountant

If you have your own bookkeeper, we provide month-end reconciliation management including bank and credit card reconciliations to your books, local authority and tax reporting, payroll reconciliation and reporting.

We also manage T2 tax returns, Annual returns, Not-For-Profit Information returns, Worksafe returns, and T4 services.

Customized Service Plans to Meet Your Accounting Needs

You may not know what you need- but we do! We start with a FREE CONSULT to get to know you and your business and clarify the services that will have the greatest impact on your business.

We offer a wide range of services, including tax preparation and filing, through one of two options:


Project Basis

We offer a range of tax return preparation services to help you get or stay up to date while ensuring you are maximizing the deductions and credits you can use to reduce your tax bill and keep more money in your pocket.


Ongoing Partnership

By engaging one of our packages, your financials will be kept up to date year round and more importantly, you will be better able to manage your cash flow so that you can grow your business.

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