Mission-Driven Accounting and Bookkeeping for Rebel Warriors Seeking Financial Magic

Your passion created your business. Your financials will take you to your next level of success.

We support you — the changemaker — as you shift your wealth trajectory, creating a new wealth code for future generations.

Your business is thriving and doing great.

You're a success - but it may not feel that way.

In order to get to your next level, you need to get your finances on track.

Imagine: Your business accounting is current; Your books up to date; Your tax worries resolved.

We don’t just talk about financial peace of mind – we deliver it to you. Accounting and bookkeeping are what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best.

Grow your wealth. Stay profitable.

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Your Numbers Done Right with Alchemy Accounting

Without accounting speak. Our straightforward, no-nonsense approach gives you the information you need to understand your numbers, have clients pay you on time and keep your business profitable.

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Receipts in Boxes & Bags? No Problem!

Welcome to No Shame, No Blame Bookkeeping. Stop the 3 a.m. sweats about finances, tax filings and messy records. Our dedicated, full-time staff transforms chaos into order, receipts into reports to save you time, money and headaches.

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Make Valuable Decisions Faster

With easy-to-understand accounting and bookkeeping data. Take the guesswork out of looking at new business opportunities. Up-to-the-minute financial intelligence at your fingertips – so you have the solid foundation you need to keep growing.

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Leave the Tax Filings & Deadlines to Us

We’ve Got Your Back and Make It Easy. You know if you want something in your life to change, you gotta change some things in your life. If you want less stress and less worry about money - and more time to get out there and change the world, we’re your ride or die for bookkeeping and accounting.

Michelle is a money rockstar!

"I now think about the money coming in and going out in a completely different way. Michelle has become a strategic partner in that she challenges me to think bigger, look closer and make more thoughtful decisions as a result."

Nikki Rausch
The Sales Maven


Free yourself from over-complicated accounting and bookkeeping and enjoy your business and life.

Enjoy accurate, clean records with easy-to-understand reports that give you the power to stay on track with your changemaker dreams, goals and visions. Alchemy Accounting takes the shame, blame and embarrassment out of business finance forever so you can run your business proudly and positively build the income, money and savings you desire.

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Confident and in control at every level – whether you are starting, growing or scaling your business. We support you with the right services - from invoicing clients to tracking payments and entering pesky receipts. Bookkeeping is a success tactic. You may not love finances, but you’ll love knowing how your numbers can give you the business and lifestyle you want.

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Relax and enjoy life more with your finances in order. Imagine: no more chaos and stress at tax time because everything is up to date and handled. Never worry or wonder again if you’ve met deadlines or pre-paid enough taxes. Everything is right on schedule and easy to understand. Change the course of your business for the better with Alchemy Accounting.

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Personal Prosperity Planning

As entrepreneurs grow their businesses, they often neglect their personal finances. Entrepreneurs have a very unique relationship with their personal finances that need time and attention. Work with our team to set up your personal finances in a way that directly correlates with your business to ensure that, alongside your business growth, your personal net worth grows as well.