This One Thing Will Probably Change Your Business the Most: Podcast

Michelle Cooper guest on Amplify Your Impact podcast

Our relationship with and how we think about money are so important.

Often people don’t seek advice from an accountant or bookkeeper and that can lead to a lot of problems. Even if you have good cash flow, you could be overlooking issues in your business.
Transforming your relationship with money is ultimately what is going to shift your business. It is empowering to be aware of your numbers and feel good about them.

If you want to learn about the importance of knowing your numbers, take a listen to my conversation with Susan Leonardson on the Amplify Your Impact podcast.

One of the best things that someone can do for their business is to look at where they can create a recurring revenue stream so that they are not starting at zero every month.

Learn more about this and other tips for having a good relationship with money and finances HERE.

And remember, as an entrepreneur you have a unique opportunity with the money you make. Your impact matters, no matter what it is you do.

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Michelle Cooper

Michelle Cooper is a powerhouse entrepreneur, CEO of Alchemy Accounting & Bookkeeping, author of Confessions of a Money Rock Star, Your MoneyDate Journal, and co-author of the collaborative book, Women Rising. She has helped many business owners climb out of entrepreneurial poverty into the land of profit.