A Conversation with our founder

Meet Michelle Cooper

Powerhouse entrepreneur and CEO of Alchemy Accounting & Bookkeeping

Michelle Cooper headshotTell us who you are.

High priestess of profit. Accountant. Business Coach. Speaker. Mom. Adventurer and world traveler. Straight-talker. Big-hearted. No-nonsense. Bad-ass at all of these.


Tell us what you do.

Too many entrepreneurs struggle with their business finances. I help them sort out their financial chaos so they can proudly run their business. Ultimately, I end suffering for entrepreneurs around financials and money help them fall in love with their numbers.


What is your experience?

My experience includes more than 20 years of working in business strategic growth and 20 years of working with taxes, financial strategy and analysis in high-pressure, fast-moving environments. I’ve worked on the frenzied European trading floor for a top bank. I created tax and strategy plans in the hallowed halls of international tax and audit firms. Architectural firms, food and beverage and manufacturers have turned to me to help them go from red to black.

Ten years ago, I opened Alchemy Accounting and Bookkeeping after working with high-profile, passion-driven entrepreneurs who were successful on the outside, but, behind the scenes, their business financials were a mess. Worse, when they met with traditional accounting firms, they said they felt judged, shamed or embarrassed about their financial disorganization.

They just wanted to clean up the financial turmoil in their business and we help them feel good about their achievements.


Why do your clients trust you?

First of all, we don’t judge! We educate them about their business finances – and keep it simple! We work fast, stay in touch with them regularly and return their calls. Believe it or not, this is not an industry norm. They are busy making their big dreams happen, we’re here to help them do that.

I tell them to bring their financial chaos to Alchemy - receipts in shoe boxes or plastic bags, unopened bills, unpaid taxes, letters from the IRS and CRA. Together, we straighten out their finances, get them on track and give them accurate, detailed financial records. We make it easy-to-understand so they have financial clarity, peace of mind and confidence in the financial foundation of their business.

Judgement-free, easy-to-understand, simplicity and customized – these principles are baked into my business.


How would you describe your approach?

Straight-talking, honest, transparent with a dash of tough love as needed. We’re not going to sugar coat anything when it comes to your business financials. We will always have a custom action plan ready to go for you so you can get back to doing what you love. We do your books so you can go do you!


How has your no-nonsense approach shaped your approach to accounting and bookkeeping?

Every business owner with a big mission and vision needs to have their financial house in order to build, grow, scale and sustain their success. It’s easy to be so hyper-focused on customer care and generating revenue that we can forget to track expenses or pay taxes. Despite my financial background, it happened to me years ago. I ran a little clothing boutique. It was great for two years, until one day, it wasn’t. I had taken on more credit card debt than the business could handle. I ignored using my own skills in analysis, strategy and profitability for myself! I’ve felt that embarrassment around my own numbers, just like my clients. So, yeah…we’re big-hearted, judgement-free, open and honest. We work hard and play hard. And our clients’ success means everything, even if we have to give a bit of tough love sometimes to keep their entrepreneurial business dreams alive and strong.

Michelle Transformed My Mindset

"Michelle has been an absolute rockstar for me as I’ve had to reprogram my mindset around money and learn how to keep my financial house in order as a business owner.  Michelle has provided me with a safe space to have honest conversations about my relationship with money and wealth.

I am now more compassionate and forward-thinking around my financial health as she supports me in questioning my choices to ensure my motivations are aligned with my values.  She has encouraged me to step boldly into my power regarding my money. "

Romy Marlo Ellis
The Uncommon Woman