Why Alchemy Accounting

Financial clarity, peace of mind and confidence in the financial foundation of your business.

Alchemy Accounting is a straight-talking, numbers-loving bookkeeping and accounting firm dedicated to entrepreneurs who demand clear, easy-to-understand, accurate financial information to make powerful decisions at every stage of their business. Whether you are starting, growing or scaling your business, we support you with the right services.

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We're not your dad's accounting firm.

You won’t find suits or stuffed shirts around here. Heck, you may not like numbers, but you will love what numbers can do for you and your business. You might have skipped opening bills or filing taxes and secretly be scared about owing the IRS and CRA. We’ve got you. The last thing you need is anyone to judge, shame or embarrass you about numbers, money or finances.

Our goal is to end suffering for entrepreneurs when it comes to their bookkeeping and accounting.  We believe too many entrepreneurs struggle with their business finances. We want you to feel proud of running your business and positive even if you feel your numbers aren’t good enough right now. There is no need to feel disempowered, lost or alone when it comes to financials. It doesn’t have to be hard! You are a mission-driven, purpose-driven business owner with big dreams. Like you, we want you to have it all.

Bring us your unopened envelopes, receipts in shoe boxes and financial chaos. We’ll straighten it out, give you the clarity you need and have you feeling empowered about your finances so you can have the business and life you want.

Trusted Advisors; Trusted Process

Every month, you receive our bad-ass financial report from our in-house experts. It communicates the most important financial information for your business in a clear, easy understand format so that you can stand strong on that foundation and make the powerful decisions you need to make.

Enjoy confidence and peace of mind around your business numbers. You know immediately your current revenue and expenses, how much you owe your suppliers, how much your clients owe you and other receivables. You know what is required to keep your books up to date because we get in touch immediately if anything falls behind.

Anyone can do books. We aren’t ‘anyone.’ We are certified professionals working by your side to create order from financial chaos which leads to an open channel for business opportunities and money to flow to you.

Business For Good

We believe that we can change our world just by doing what we do, every day. Business For Good is a foundational value that Alchemy sits upon, knowing that just by doing business, we create change and we get to impact the world with our business.

Our business is a FORCE FOR GOOD.  For every new client we work with, we make an initial donation of $250 to a cause that is important to our new client. In addition, every month, we contribute 1% of our REVENUE (not our profits) to giving initiatives that matter to our clients and our team members.

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To facilitate the circulation of money, we are part of B1G1 - a global movement that uses business as a force for good. B1G1 members help change lives just by doing what they do at work every day.  Together, B1G1 members have made more than 200 million giving impacts around the world.

Our Mission

Alchemy's mission is to help our clients achieve their personal, business, and wealth goals by eliminating financial chaos.

Our Vision

Alchemy's vision is to transform 100,000 businesses and create flexible, lifestyle-aligned employment opportunities for 1,000 people.

Our Core Values


We don't judge people regardless of how they show up in our world. We don't have any idea of their experiences, and so we have grace, compassion, and understanding.


We take full responsibility for the circumstances in our lives and in the Company, including our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Fun is at the core of everything we do. Celebration is a key to abundance, and we honour the energy that it creates by bringing celebration and gratitude into all our interactions.


We do the right thing, even when the right thing feels uncomfortable. By doing the right thing, we stay in alignment with our core values, are always in integrity, and are living in Radical Responsibility.


We are committed to working in a profitable company where we work smarter, not harder, because innovation and efficiency are at the heart of the business. The more profit we have, the more impact we have.


We approach life with curiosity as we know that the Universe is constantly providing us with opportunities for growth. We live in gratitude for all experiences, as there is no good or bad, only what is.

Alchemy By the Numbers

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Celebrating 13 years in business

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More than 1,000 clients in Canada and in the United States

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Successfully managing tens of millions in client revenue

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Increased company valuations from near bankrupt to millions in sales

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Serves as outsourced accounting department for dozens of clients

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A team of experts across North America ready to handle your business challenges and take you to the next level.

Who We Work With:

From start-ups to sophisticated, complex mid-size companies to the landscaper or builder who wants to create franchises. We serve thought leaders, coaches, consultants, speakers, high net worth individuals, family businesses, and entrepreneurial ventures across a variety of industries. What all of them have in common: their business is their mission and a way to serve people in a bigger way. They are fast-moving go-getters and do not have time for chaos.

On the outside, they look like they have it all together as a highly successful entrepreneur or business owner. Behind the scenes, they want to get their financial house in order. They kind of know their numbers, but not really. Maybe they’ve been working with a bookkeeper or accountant, but nothing makes sense and they feel intimidated to ask questions. Or numbers just aren’t their thing, but they know they need to handle their business finances once and for all and are okay with professional, friendly, no-judgment tough love to get on the right path to financial success.

Doing the Books What We Believe

Doing the books involves key tasks that intrinsically link to every business decision you will make as a business owner. Next to you, we believe that the individual who handles the finances in your company is the second most valuable person in your company.  The future of your business depends heavily on what information and financial opportunities we, as your bookkeeper, uncover and communicate to you.

We believe that a business will only reach its full potential with a good bookkeeper. With us as your team, we serve as a key resource to your business success and ensure that you, as the business owners, actualize your vision.

Alchemy Delivers on Every Promise

"The staff at Alchemy Accounting patiently promised me repeatedly that they could make the bookkeeping process painless, smooth, and efficient. What can I say, other than they were right? I had a team that listened to me, understood my concerns, empathized, and allayed my worries by consistently keeping the promises they made."

Patrick Przyborowski
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Hi, I'm Michelle Cooper - I help busy service-based entrepreneurs become rich as fuck empire builders. I am a money strategist.

Read a conversation with Michelle

Hi, I'm Michelle Cooper - I help busy service-based entrepreneurs become rich as fuck empire builders. I am a money strategist.

Read a conversation with Michelle

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About Our Team:

  • We love what we do as much as you love what you do.
  • We’re straightforward; we don’t over-complicate things or use fancy language.
  • We get your work done so you can live your badass life. Hey, we like our time off too!
  • We create easy-to-follow systems, structure and processes to be of highest service to you.
  • We like zip lining, bike riding and having fun as a team AND we get the work done for you.
  • We communicate regularly and provide accurate information essential to your business.
  • We call you if you forget to send us your stuff so we can keep you current.
  • We are incredible at working collaboratively and problem-solving.
  • We do not tolerate douchebags or people that judge others as less than or beneath them.
  • We are compassionate and understanding whether your numbers are current or not.
  • We are diverse and inclusive – and appreciate tattoos, nose rings or purple hair too!
  • We work with everyone – from the do-it-yourself owner to the CEO who wants an offsite team.
  • We have a positive attitude, work hard, play hard and love to make you fall in love with your numbers and smile.

Trusting Alchemy Has Transformed My View on Money and Amplified My Impact

"I love that by working with Alchemy, I am participating in circulating wealth and having an impact on really great charitable initiatives because they contribute a good portion of the overall revenue of Alchemy to not-for-profits that align with the values of their clients and their team.  Michelle reminds me that money is energy and currency to make change and not something to be in conflict with, and I know she walks the talk!

Alchemy is the only one that I trust my financials with. I know her team wants me to win not just at my books but at life, financial health, and wealth."

Romy Marlo Ellis
The Uncommon Woman