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Michelle Cooper is a powerhouse entrepreneur, CEO of Alchemy Accounting & Bookkeeping, author of Confessions of a Money Rock Star, Your MoneyDate Journal, and co-author of the collaborative book, Women Rising. She has helped many business owners climb out of entrepreneurial poverty into the land of profit.


Create the Life You Want with Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Creating Space for Your Dream Life – Rich Life Revolution Ep. 26

By Michelle Cooper | February 29, 2024

Life transitions often require us to step into the unknown and redefine ourselves. In this episode of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, Marie-Elizabeth Mali shares…

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Get Your Credit Under Control - Rich Life Revolution Podcast Episode 25

Mastering Your Credit: Practical Steps and Personal Insights – Rich Life Revolution Podcast Episode 25

By Michelle Cooper | February 23, 2024

When was the last time you checked your credit score? In this episode of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, Michelle dives into the importance of…

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Understand Your Brain and Enrich Your Life with Fletcher Ellingson - Rich Life Revolution Podcast Ep 24

Embracing Change: Insights from Fletcher Ellingson

By Michelle Cooper | February 15, 2024

In a recent episode of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, Michelle Cooper explores the theme of change with mindset coach Fletcher Ellingson. Drawing from his…

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Four Steps to Cleaning Up Your Money Energy - Rich Life Revolution

Taking Charge of Your Money Energy: A Four-Step Guide

By Michelle Cooper | February 8, 2024

Managing your finances effectively is crucial for peace of mind and overall well-being. Michelle Cooper, a financial expert, outlines a straightforward four-step process to help…

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Embracing the Fear and Promise of Big Changes with Karla Silver

Turning Points: Navigating Life’s Big Changes with Karla Silver

By Michelle Cooper | February 1, 2024

In this episode of Rich Life Revolution, Michelle Cooper engages in a profound conversation with Karla Silver, a seasoned marketing expert and transformative life coach.…

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Woman standing on a beach with her arm raised

Breaking Free: Understanding the Impact of Debt and Strategies for Liberation

By Michelle Cooper | January 30, 2024

Debt can be a formidable force, affecting not only our financial well-being but also our mental and emotional health. As many individuals grapple with the…

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Lean into the laws of the universe - Rich Life Revolution podcast

Unlocking Universal Laws for Effective Manifestation: Insights from Rich Life Revolution Ep 21

By Michelle Cooper | January 25, 2024

In Episode 21 of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, Michelle Cooper delves into the profound influence of the universe’s laws on manifestation. Contrary to the…

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EP 20 - Romy Marlo Ellis

Empowering Feminine Leadership with Romy Marlo Ellis

By Michelle Cooper | January 18, 2024

In episode 20 of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, Michelle Cooper explores the essence of feminine leadership with Romy Marlo Ellis, an expert in transformative…

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Sarah Elkin Podcast Episode 313 featuring Michelle Cooper

Empowering Financial Wisdom with Michelle Cooper on Sarah Elkins’ Podcast

By Michelle Cooper | January 17, 2024

In this engaging podcast episode featured on Sarah Elkins’ website, Michelle Cooper offers a wealth of knowledge and insight, focusing on the crucial intersection of…

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EP 19 - Capitalize on the Rules of the Subconscious Mind

Unveiling the Subconscious Mind’s Rules with Michelle Cooper

By Michelle Cooper | January 11, 2024

Episode 19 of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, hosted by Michelle Cooper, delves into the intricate workings of the subconscious mind. This episode illuminates the…

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