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Michelle Cooper is a powerhouse entrepreneur, CEO of Alchemy Accounting & Bookkeeping, author of Confessions of a Money Rock Star, Your MoneyDate Journal, and co-author of the collaborative book, Women Rising. She has helped many business owners climb out of entrepreneurial poverty into the land of profit.


Michelle Cooper on the Productive Designer podcast

7 Key Points to Analyzing the Health of your Business

By Michelle Cooper | May 1, 2021

Since the pandemic, we’ve all been paying more attention to our health. *ahem* But have you been monitoring the health of your business? Regardless of…

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How to Escape the Most Common Financial Pitfalls in the Stages of Business

By Michelle Cooper | April 20, 2021

In each of the stages of business, you, as a small business owner, are confronted with financial pitfalls that can prevent your company from growing.…

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Frustrated woman sabotaging her business

6 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Business and Tips to Stop Now

By Michelle Cooper | April 13, 2021

Business self-sabotage is the realest. It often happens when your very genius and logical mind decides to take a backseat and let the mother-in-law version…

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Do I need and accountant? Business man and woman looking at empty chair

Do I Need an Accountant? All your Burning Questions, Answered

By Michelle Cooper | April 6, 2021

So, what is an accountant? You might be conjuring up a textbook image of an individual with glasses, and a pressed suit, green eyeshade visor,…

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Business woman crushing her financial goals with full piggy bank

How To Crush Your Financial Goals at Each Stage of Business

By Michelle Cooper | March 30, 2021

Stages of business: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, discovering enlightened meaning. Wait, we may have mixed that up with the stages of grief—although you may…

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Bookkeeping for beginners

Bookkeeping for Beginners—What it is and How to Get Started

By Michelle Cooper | March 23, 2021

Hello, are you here for the bookkeeping for beginners deep dive? Well, you’ve come to the right place, and we’re so glad you’ve made it. ICYMI,…

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Business women discussing things to consider before hiring people in 2021

Things to Consider Before Hiring

By Michelle Cooper | March 16, 2021

Inspiration is the most fire tool for “unblocking” yourself. We’re using air quotes here because you can easily replace “unblocking” with a multitude of obstacles—especially…

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Woman handing a payroll check to employee

Beat These 6 Common Payroll Tax Faux Pas and Your Business Will Boom

By Michelle Cooper | March 9, 2021

It warms our cold, little Scorpio Moon hearts to see that you’re interested in payroll tax. We’re sure you have a lot of Q’s about…

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Man writing letter about what I wish I'd known when starting my small business

A Letter to My Former Self: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started My Small Business

By Michelle Cooper | March 2, 2021

Dear Past Self, Hey there, hope this letter finds you and your home-based business well. Oh, wait. You haven’t got that going yet? Well, I’m reaching out…

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Person performing DIY Bookkeeping

How to Dump DIY Bookkeeping and Outsource Bookkeeping to an Expert

By Michelle Cooper | February 23, 2021

Okay, no pressure but like, how’s your DIY bookkeeping going? For any small business to keep their ducks in a row, it’s essential that you’re getting…

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