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small business spreadsheets

Why You Should Use Small Business Spreadsheets

By Michelle Cooper | August 7, 2021

Small business spreadsheets can simplify your financial system. We all love a throwback, don’t we? Bellbottom pants, 90s hip hop music, Back to the Future,…

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Do I need and accountant? Business man and woman looking at empty chair

Do I Need an Accountant? All your Burning Questions, Answered

By Michelle Cooper | April 6, 2021

So, what is an accountant? You might be conjuring up a textbook image of an individual with glasses, and a pressed suit, green eyeshade visor,…

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Wrapped gifts on an automated conveyor belt

8 Accounting Automation Tools That Should Be On Your Holiday Wish List

By Michelle Cooper | November 9, 2020

The world is a much different place than even five years ago, and the key is to put things into your own hands… or hand…

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