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Do you know where your business is spending money, where your revenue is coming from, and which tax deductions you’ll be able to claim?


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Revolutionize Your Wealth: Insights from Michelle Cooper’s Rich Life Revolution Podcast

By Michelle Cooper | September 12, 2023

Join Michelle Cooper on her Rich Life Revolution podcast, where she explores the multifaceted world of personal finance and wealth creation. Each episode is packed…

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man tracking business expenses

3 Easy-Peasy Steps to Tracking Business Expenses Like a Pro

By Michelle Cooper | June 1, 2021

Tracking business expenses can be thrilling. Not quite Michael Jackson in werewolf attire kind of thrilling, but if growing your small business does, then yes.…

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How to Escape the Most Common Financial Pitfalls in the Stages of Business

By Michelle Cooper | April 20, 2021

In each of the stages of business, you, as a small business owner, are confronted with financial pitfalls that can prevent your company from growing.…

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Bookkeeping for beginners

Bookkeeping for Beginners—What it is and How to Get Started

By Michelle Cooper | March 23, 2021

Hello, are you here for the bookkeeping for beginners deep dive? Well, you’ve come to the right place, and we’re so glad you’ve made it. ICYMI,…

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Man writing letter about what I wish I'd known when starting my small business

A Letter to My Former Self: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started My Small Business

By Michelle Cooper | March 2, 2021

Dear Past Self, Hey there, hope this letter finds you and your home-based business well. Oh, wait. You haven’t got that going yet? Well, I’m reaching out…

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Person performing DIY Bookkeeping

How to Dump DIY Bookkeeping and Outsource Bookkeeping to an Expert

By Michelle Cooper | February 23, 2021

Okay, no pressure but like, how’s your DIY bookkeeping going? For any small business to keep their ducks in a row, it’s essential that you’re getting…

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young man in a suit smiling

Account Reconciliation for Entrepreneurs Who Despise Bookkeeping

By Michelle Cooper | December 3, 2020

There is one universal truth that people from all avenues of the business world can agree on—account reconciliation can be a major bummer. This is…

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Business people holding champagne and sparklers

How to Keep Up Your Bookkeeping Amid the Holiday Season (Yes, It’s Possible)

By Michelle Cooper | November 26, 2020

Alright, we’re going to ask you to slow your scroll and get ready for some knowledge to drop like a ton of coal. The ho-ho-holidays…

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