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Money mindset is your unique set of beliefs and your attitude about money.


Women in yellow top holding money and celebrating

Michelle Cooper Explores Wealth, Mindsets, and Relationships on Saving With Steve

By Michelle Cooper | April 16, 2024

Join Michelle Cooper on the Saving With Steve podcast. In this appearance, Michelle delves into the intricate topics of wealth exploration, money mindset, relationships, and…

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Country road in an autumn forest with an illuminated path

The Path to Financial Freedom with Michelle Cooper: Pockets of Knowledge Podcast

By Michelle Cooper | April 10, 2024

Michelle Cooper on “Pockets of Knowledge” Podcast: Unveiling the Path to Financial Freedom I had the incredible opportunity to share my journey and insights on…

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Create Your Personal Success Plan with Sacred Money Archetypes & Human Design

Crafting Your Personalized Goal-Setting Method: Insights from Human Design and Sacred Money Archetypes

By Michelle Cooper | March 7, 2024

In the latest episode of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, Michelle B. Cooper and Lisa Broome dive into the world of personalized goal-setting methods. Drawing…

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Create the Life You Want with Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Creating Space for Your Dream Life – Rich Life Revolution Ep. 26

By Michelle Cooper | February 29, 2024

Life transitions often require us to step into the unknown and redefine ourselves. In this episode of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, Marie-Elizabeth Mali shares…

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Understand Your Brain and Enrich Your Life with Fletcher Ellingson - Rich Life Revolution Podcast Ep 24

Embracing Change: Insights from Fletcher Ellingson

By Michelle Cooper | February 15, 2024

In a recent episode of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, Michelle Cooper explores the theme of change with mindset coach Fletcher Ellingson. Drawing from his…

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Embracing the Fear and Promise of Big Changes with Karla Silver

Turning Points: Navigating Life’s Big Changes with Karla Silver

By Michelle Cooper | February 1, 2024

In this episode of Rich Life Revolution, Michelle Cooper engages in a profound conversation with Karla Silver, a seasoned marketing expert and transformative life coach.…

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Lean into the laws of the universe - Rich Life Revolution podcast

Unlocking Universal Laws for Effective Manifestation: Insights from Rich Life Revolution Ep 21

By Michelle Cooper | January 25, 2024

In Episode 21 of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, Michelle Cooper delves into the profound influence of the universe’s laws on manifestation. Contrary to the…

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EP 20 - Romy Marlo Ellis

Empowering Feminine Leadership with Romy Marlo Ellis

By Michelle Cooper | January 18, 2024

In episode 20 of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, Michelle Cooper explores the essence of feminine leadership with Romy Marlo Ellis, an expert in transformative…

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EP 19 - Capitalize on the Rules of the Subconscious Mind

Unveiling the Subconscious Mind’s Rules with Michelle Cooper

By Michelle Cooper | January 11, 2024

Episode 19 of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, hosted by Michelle Cooper, delves into the intricate workings of the subconscious mind. This episode illuminates the…

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Master Manifestations to become consciously rich on the Rich Life Revolution Podcast

Consciously Rich: Mastering Manifestation with Susanne Goldstein

By Michelle Cooper | January 4, 2024

In episode 18 of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, Michelle Cooper sits down with Susanne Goldstein, an expert in transforming lives through manifestation. With a…

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