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No one enjoys paying taxes. Learn how you can keep the tax man off your back.


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Revolutionize Your Wealth: Insights from Michelle Cooper’s Rich Life Revolution Podcast

By Michelle Cooper | September 12, 2023

Join Michelle Cooper on her Rich Life Revolution podcast, where she explores the multifaceted world of personal finance and wealth creation. Each episode is packed…

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Debunking the Myths About Paying Taxes

By Michelle Cooper | January 26, 2021

Tax myths: they are as common as the cold. In general, myths are traditional stories born of individuals explaining natural or social phenomena. Normally, we…

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5 Evils of Taxation Procrastination — And How to Get Your Taxes Paid in Time

By Michelle Cooper | January 19, 2021

You wake up in the morning and open up your calendar to find, “Last day to file taxes.” Does that sound familiar to you? As…

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Tax Deductions: Here’s What Your Small Business Will Gain

By Michelle Cooper | January 14, 2021

Truth be told, tax write-offs are sexy. Not in a “Victoria Secret” sort of way, but a “task list longer than my arm with every…

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Login to The New Normal For U.S. Remote Employees Taxes

By Michelle Cooper | November 19, 2020

As the pandemic has forced most of us to work from home for the foreseeable future, you’ll need to become a digital leader in navigating…

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10 Devastating Tax Mistakes Small Business Owners Consistently Make

By Michelle Cooper | July 28, 2020

Every year, businesses large and small must confront the dreaded day that taxes are due. Chances are, it causes you anxiety every year. I’ve been…

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