Embracing Change: Insights from Fletcher Ellingson

Understand Your Brain and Enrich Your Life with Fletcher Ellingson - Rich Life Revolution Podcast Ep 24

In a recent episode of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, Michelle Cooper explores the theme of change with mindset coach Fletcher Ellingson. Drawing from his experiences and his book, “The Practice of Feeling Good,” Fletcher discusses how to navigate the challenges and opportunities that change presents.

Fletcher shares a personal anecdote about dealing with homesickness during a trip to Maui. He reveals how understanding the brain’s protective mechanisms against change helped him overcome this feeling, illustrating the importance of acknowledging and accepting our emotions.

The conversation highlights the crucial distinction between acceptance and toxic positivity. Fletcher emphasizes the value of engaging with our feelings, rather than dismissing them, to truly embrace change and growth.

Fletcher’s insights provide a roadmap for anyone looking to enrich their life by aligning their actions with their core values despite the inevitable changes life brings.

Listen to the full conversation and gain more insights from Fletcher Ellingson here.

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Michelle Cooper

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