Empowering Business Insights for Busy Women from Julie Cole

Tips for Busy Women Birthing Successful Businesses with Julie Cole

Tips For Busy Women Birthing Successful Businesses with Julie Cole

In episode 6 of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, Julie Cole, co-founder of Mabel’s Labels, shares invaluable tips for women embarking on entrepreneurial ventures. Julie emphasizes the importance of building a strong support network, not just in business operations but also in personal growth and development. She advocates for the power of delegation, encouraging women to seek help and streamline their responsibilities to balance business and personal life.

Julie’s journey, from growing a successful business to authoring a book, serves as an inspiring example for women juggling multiple roles. She discusses how women in business can significantly impact societal change and become role models for future generations. Her insights are not just about business success but also about creating a fulfilling life beyond conventional expectations. Tune in to hear more of Julie’s wisdom and experience in building a successful business while managing a busy personal life.


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Michelle Cooper

Michelle Cooper is a powerhouse entrepreneur, CEO of Alchemy Accounting & Bookkeeping, author of Confessions of a Money Rock Star, Your MoneyDate Journal, and co-author of the collaborative book, Women Rising. She has helped many business owners climb out of entrepreneurial poverty into the land of profit.