How I Earned $160K in ONE Month by Doing This ONE Thing

Clockwork episode 85 with Michelle Cooper, Alchemy Accounting

I thought I knew what my business was all about…until I “Clockworked” it.

Then, everything changed!

Once I got laser beam focused on who I wanted to serve, how I wanted to support them, and how my team and I could efficiently do that, I was able to:

  • Take the stress off my team. (They finally have a concise roadmap of what to do, when.)
  • Narrow my niche so we impact small businesses in a huge way, while still growing my revenue.
  • Offer my fantastic team bennies they deserve. (I’ve dreamed of this but thought it would never happen.)
  • Blow revenue goals out of the freakin’ water! (Goal: $30K month. Reality: $160K month!!)
  • Plan a 4-week vacation without fear of everything going to heck in a handbag while I’m gone.

Do you want more profit with less pressure?

Hell, yeah!

Wanna learn my secrets?

Cuz, hey, if I can do it, so can YOU!

Listen in to my interview at Run Like Clockwork to find out what I did—and more importantly—what I didn’t do, to turn my revenue and frustration around!


Clockworking for more profit + less pressure with Michelle Cooper — Run Like Clockwork


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Michelle Cooper

Michelle Cooper is a powerhouse entrepreneur, CEO of Alchemy Accounting & Bookkeeping, author of Confessions of a Money Rock Star, Your MoneyDate Journal, and co-author of the collaborative book, Women Rising. She has helped many business owners climb out of entrepreneurial poverty into the land of profit.