Meet the Team

Our team members answer the question "what do you love about working for Alchemy Accounting & Bookeeping?"

Their answers may be different, but the sentiment is the same. Alchemy team members love working here, and adore our amazing clients!

The Alchemy Accounting team having fun outside

Anyssa Meyer

I love our team. We trust each other. We share our successes and support each other. We lift each other up.  I love what I do and look so forward to coming in to work because of them and our amazing clients.


Cherish Wierenga

Oh boy, it's hard to narrow down one thing. I love the flexibility. I love the people and the support. I love the clients and getting paid for work that I enjoy doing.  But I guess if I have to pick one it's the flexibility and how our personal lives are accommodated at Alchemy. 

Katie Giberson

I love coming to work!  Never thought I would say that!  We have an amazing team, so much support and positive vibes.  We have awesome clients, I love what I do and I can help people with their business.

Katie headshot
Carmen headshot

Carmen Schroeder

Where do I start about what I love about Alchemy?  I love the support we offer our clients and the relationships we build with them.  I love our office atmosphere and our team and how we support each other.  I love doing books and the feeling of satisfaction I get upon their completion!

Madelaine Yabut

I feel grateful and valued. The CEO Michelle and everyone are all supportive and always willing to provide their help and experience to accomplish our goals. Alchemy actually works towards their vision and I am so glad that I am part of it.


Dana Heitland

Great team and love being a part of it! I appreciate the flexibility that Alchemy offers when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I really enjoy coming to work and feeling the support from the top down.

Parth Joshi

In Alchemy, there are a large variety of clients in different fields which makes the process of bookkeeping/accounting more interesting and makes the learning a never-ending process, which I admire a lot. Moreover, the coordination, dedication towards the clients and teamwork amongst the staff makes the working smoother, accurate, and efficient.