Meet the #MoneySquad

Our team members answer the question "what do you love about working for Alchemy Accounting & Bookeeping?"

Their answers may be different, but the sentiment is the same. Alchemy team members love working here, and adore our amazing clients!

The Alchemy Accounting team having fun outside
Carmen Schroeder

Carmen Schroeder

Where do I start about what I love about Alchemy?  I love the support we offer our clients and the relationships we build with them.  I love our office atmosphere and our team and how we support each other.  I love doing books and the feeling of satisfaction I get upon their completion!

Katie Giberson

I love coming to work!  Never thought I would say that!  We have an amazing team, so much support and positive vibes.  We have awesome clients, I love what I do and I can help people with their business.

Katie headshot

Cherish Wierenga

Oh boy, it's hard to narrow down one thing. I love the flexibility. I love the people and the support. I love the clients and getting paid for work that I enjoy doing.  But I guess if I have to pick one it's the flexibility and how our personal lives are accommodated at Alchemy. 


Madelaine Yabut

I feel grateful and valued. The CEO Michelle and everyone are all supportive and always willing to provide their help and experience to accomplish our goals. Alchemy actually works towards their vision and I am so glad that I am part of it.

Jessica Breukelman

I am most looking forward to building relationships with new people outside my circle. I am excited to take off the Mom hat and add a different kind of purpose to my day.

Colleen headshot

Colleen Sawatzky

I am excited to partner with amazing entrepreneurs that are positively impacting the world and supporting them in their success.

Lisa Broome

I'm excited to be a part of such an amazing team and to be supporting incredible business owners in achieving success on their terms.

Lisa Broome headshot

Dayna Whitney

I love the fact that Alchemy is NOT your typical accounting firm. I love that it is a place of creativity and full of people that truly want to help others with not just their numbers but supporting them in growing their business as well.  I love that I get to really connect with my clients to get to know them on a more personal level. I also love that I am completely virtual allowing me that flexibility to work around things that have come up. The team I get to work with is amazing and I feel really supported by them with anything that comes up.

Della Davies

I am most looking forward to working for a company that values its clients and employees equally and wants to see growth from everyone, whether it’s in business or personally. I also love that Alchemy strives to do things differently and doesn’t want to be a typical, stuffy accounting firm! We are all unique and can bring something different to the table so the clients can benefit in many ways and can rest easy knowing their finances are in great hands!

Della Davies
Jasleen Kapoor

Jasleen Kapoor

I am very excited to be part of the Alchemy team! My passion for numbers has drawn me towards Alchemy. I love the fact how Alchemy goes above and beyond in interpreting the language of numbers for its clients. It feels great to be part of an innovative, supportive and equatable company.

Troy Steine

I am looking forward to bringing my full abilities to the team and to the clients being served, while growing the business in so many ways and creating the best experiences possible for each and every valued client.

Troy Steine