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Fulfillment Assistant

For Alchemy Accounting & Advising

The Alchemy Advising Team is growing, and we are so excited for the universe to align us with a Superstar Assistant to our Fulfillment Manager! This is a remote employment position for 10-20 hours per week and will report to the Bookkeeping and Accounting Fulfillment Manager and occasionally the Operations Manager and Business Owner.

About Alchemy Accounting

Alchemy Accounting is a straight-talking, numbers-loving bookkeeping and accounting firm dedicated to entrepreneurs who demand clear, easy-to-understand, accurate financial information to make powerful decisions at every stage of their business.

We help businesses who are just starting, growing or scaling find financial clarity, peace of mind, and confidence in the financial foundation of your business.

Our Mission

Alchemy's mission is to help our clients achieve their personal, business, and wealth goals by eliminating financial chaos.

Our Vision

Alchemy's vision is to transform 100,000 businesses and create flexible, lifestyle-aligned employment opportunities for 1,000 people.

About You

Dynamic Intrepreneurial Drive

Even though you would be an employee of Alchemy, you have an Intrapreneurial spirit. You are self-led, organized, and amazing at managing your tasks, deadlines, and projects. You have an eagle eye for details and are able to manage several responsibilities and timelines at once.

Teamwork Enthusiast

You believe that teamwork makes a dream work and thrive working in collaboration with many other members of a team. Your nurturing spirit inspires you to have high expectations of how you care for your responsibilities and the business, and you are forward-thinking in your work. You are self-motivated and capable of finding the information you need to move things forward!

Eager Growth Advocate

You love all things personal growth and are eager to continue reaching your next level of potential and continue learning as you grow with the team and the company.

Your Core Skills and Characteristics

  • Data Analysis Skills
    Able to review workflow data and communicate clearly and efficiently to the Fulfillment Manager a summary report each week
  • High Follow-through Skills
    You can bring your own tasks/projects to the finish line
  • Meticulous Approach
    Intentional and detail-oriented in your work
  • Multitasking Master
    Capable of managing multiple tasks, projects, and timelines
  • People-oriented
    You love interacting with humans
  • Time Management Pro
    Good time management skills
  • Efficient Information Manager
    Capable of managing information flow in a timely and accurate manner
  • Tech-savvy
    Comfortable working with a variety of different programs and systems
  • Proactive
    Capable of finding the answers and finding solutions you need
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    Able to communicate clearly, kindly, and efficiently with your manager and the team members when needed

About The Position

Pay ranges from $20-$25/hour and is dependent on experience.

Here are a few responsibilities we would need you to take on right away in this role. Please note, we are not expecting a unicorn to come in and fill all these gaps, but rather would love to learn your zone of genius and expertise that can come in and help us fill a select few of the below gaps:

Admin tasks 

  • Verifying bookkeepers hours in our tracking software/system to ensure correct data
  • Analyze if a team member is going over hours on a client or admin time and provide reporting to the Fulfillment Manager.
  • Support Fulfillment Manager to approve Payroll
  • Verifying bookkeepers Scorecards where they track their client work to ensure that they have filled everything out per our standard operation procedure, reviewing completion and comments of tasks in our project management system, and report to Fulfillment Manager on bottlenecks or concerning workflows that are not completed
  • Verifying Google Documents and Google Spreadsheets for team questions, bottlenecks and over-hour requests
  • Assist Fulfillment Manager to stay organized with team requests in project management system (Asana).
  • Manage Fulfillment Manager’s calendar and inbox.
  • Monitor fulfillment workflow and support in resolving bottlenecks
  • Monitor and manage annual leave requests from the Fulfillment Team for the Fulfillment Manager.
  • Review Dext workflow for overdue work/projects.
  • Prepare notes for Client Roundtable meetings with actionable items.
  • Resolve QBO subscription issues.


  • Communicating with team members via email in a timely manner when they have missing information in their weekly hour tracking + follow up with them to ensure the Fulfillment Manager has final data to approve Payroll
  • Communicating with team members via email when over hour requests are approved or denied + why
  • Commenting on tasks in our project management system to follow up on behalf of the Fulfillment Manager

Customer support and engagement 

  • Verifying quarterly client surveys and reporting back to Fulfillment Manager on red flag comments and satisfaction comments from our clients
  • Crafting emails or email templates for the Fulfillment Manager to use to send important communications to clients
  • Sending pre-crafted communications to clients on behalf of the Fulfillment Manager

Before applying, please read our core values below. If these align with you, we can't wait to see your application below!

Our Core Values


We don't judge people regardless of how they show up in our world.  We don't have any idea of their experiences and so we have grace, compassion and understanding.


We do the right thing, even when the right thing feels crappy.  By doing the right thing, we stay in alignment with our core values and are always in integrity.


We enjoy what we do, always - and that translates out into the environment that we build with our team mates and our clients.  Fun is at the core of everything we do, and we celebrate the shit out of that.  Celebration is a key to abundance, and we honour the energy that it creates by bringing celebration into all our interactions.


We get so much done that other people say "wow, I don't know how you do it".  Efficient systems and processes ensure that we accomplish our goals.

Requirements for this Role

  1. Our Values are Your Values. You've read the values above and feel in alignment with how our heart beats. We aren't afraid of hard work, and we equally believe in self-care and honoring family as we pour into the mission.
  2. Team Player. We work as a team, chipping in where needed. "That's not in my job description" isn't a phrase we use. We are resourceful and love to drive the mission forward and support our team members.
  3. Intrapreneurial. There are a lot of moving pieces day-to-day. You ask questions, make note of the answers, and complete the task on hand. You don’t need someone checking up on you all the time to make sure you get things done.
  4. Innovation. You're not afraid to bring new ideas to the table and put your mark on our current processes and systems. You are willing to evolve in your role.
  5. Meets deadlines. We follow a strict project management schedule & while the work is flexible, deadlines must always be met.
  6. Intentional & detail oriented. You do your work with care and attention, making sure that your work is at the highest quality.
  7. Communication. Because we are a remote team, communication is KEY for our success. We communicate early, often, and well. We aren't complainers. We seek solutions and come to the table with ideas and proactive thinking!
  8. Eager to learn. You have a willingness to learn & be ready to dive right in!
  9. Readiness. We have seasons of push and seasons of calm. We ride those waves with joy together!
  10. Knowledge of the online business world
  11. Understanding of creative marketing platforms
  12. Canva know-how
  13. Available 10-20 hours per week to start, with the possibility of more. The work is flexible—you can work from anywhere, but as mentioned above, you must be able to legally work in Canada as you will be an employee of the company. But must have good internet access at all times, be a good communicator, and be committed to showing up to your work consistently.

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