Accurate, intimidation-free accounting, bookkeeping and coaching services you can trust.

You deserve financial business service expertise you can rely on – without stiff people in stuffy suits. We are not your father’s accounting firm. Instead, you might see tattoos, maybe a nose ring or even purple hair. We do your books so you can do you!

Why we do what we do

Too many business owners struggle and suffer with business finances. We help you sort out the financial chaos and fall in love with your numbers.

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Monthly Bookkeeping Support

When your business reaches $250k in revenue, it's time to hire a bookkeeper. You may feel the need before you hit that benchmark, but definitely, when you get there, it's time.

Monthly bookkeeping support will ensure that you have accurate, detailed financial information that is reconciled every month. Once your month-end is complete, you will receive a detailed report of your numbers and an opportunity to meet with your Alchemy team to review the financials and ask questions.

Is it time to enhance your financial strategy with professional bookkeeping? Book a call, and let's discuss your needs.

Your Outsourced Accounting Department

Did you know that you don't need an in-house full-time accounting department eating up your cash flow?

For many of our clients, we are their white-label accounting department, where we are a key component within the business operations.

Everyday tasks like monitoring accounts receivable, failed payments, cash flow, accounts payable management, and the financial aspect of customer care are key functions within your business operations.

If you are a business that is sitting at $500,000 or more and you don't have an outsourced accounting department, this is the offer that will take you to the next level. Book a call to explore the possibilities.


The more organized your bookkeeping is on the front end, the easier it is to prepare taxes.

End the last-minute scramble to meet that deadline and know ahead of time whether you owe. We treat your business like a business no matter what stage you’re in and use that information to help you stay profitable and on track for growth.

Accounting services give you the financial information and analysis you need to make informed decisions. Our licensed accounting experts will review and analyze income statements, profit and loss reports, and interpret balance sheet data. Your books always match your tax returns, and your data is consistent, so you can meet your long-term goals.

With us by your side, you’ll have peace of mind knowing how to stay in compliance with the IRS and CRA. As you grow and scale, your company will become more complex and your structure bigger. We’ve got your back to make it all work seamlessly, from payroll to profits.

Are you ready for hassle-free tax preparation and strategic financial planning? Book a call, and let's make it happen.

Guiding My Finances Toward Growth

"I have Alchemy managing all aspects of my finances, including personal financial well-being, company bookkeeping, and CFO-level analysis, and I feel confident that the information is accurate and that I am managing the company towards the growth we want to achieve."

Sara Skowronski
Eos Human Resources Consulting

Finance Team

You're so close to your goal, but can't seem to get over the hump. It's like there's an invisible barrier between you and your dream.

It's hard enough to achieve success without having to worry about the financial details as well. That's where we come in. By providing a senior bookkeeper, CPA, and business strategist on your team, you'll have a CFO-level service alongside the Accounting Department package.

Your Finance Team will free you up to focus on what you're good at and allow us to take care of the financial details so that you never miss a step and can scale successfully.

Strategy and analysis are key to scaling, and our support has proven invaluable to our clients.You can relax and do your thing, knowing that your Finance Department is dotting all the Is and crossing all the Ts.

This is an intimate relationship, and we need to be aligned for it to be successful. Let's have a conversation to find out if Alchemy is the right fit for you and your business.

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Do It Yourself Services & Resources

Embark on your financial journey with confidence using our Do It Yourself services & resources.

Perfect for entrepreneurs who prefer a hands-on approach, these tools are designed to empower you in mastering your business finances with ease and precision. Dive into our tailored offerings and take the first step towards financial mastery on your terms.

Professional Bookkeeping Software Set-Up

Just starting your business or in the early stages? Our best advice: Get your books professionally set up from the start! This is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid costly mistakes that could come back to bite you.

Book a call to discuss your needs and if it's time to set up books for your business.

Bookkeeping Workbook

Transform your financial management with our Small Business Bookkeeping Tracker. This comprehensive tool is more than just a workbook; it's a complete guide to elevating your money game. It meticulously tracks everything from revenue to expenses and features an automatically generated profit dashboard. This resource is indispensable for business owners aiming to gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of their financial health.

Get Your Copy Now!

Biz Money Society

Seeking ongoing support to enhance your business's financial health and maximize your earnings? Join the Biz Money Society. This platform provides daily support for your pressing financial questions, access to a comprehensive library of concise trainings to sharpen your business money skills, and monthly live calls with bookkeeping and accounting experts. It's all designed to streamline your financial processes and solve any bottlenecks, ensuring your business thrives financially.

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Business and Financial Plan

Craft a robust Business and Financial Plan with our expertly designed template. This resource offers a structured approach to planning your business's financial future, ensuring you cover all critical aspects for sustainable growth. It's an indispensable tool for entrepreneurs committed to achieving long-term financial success.

Start Planning Today!

Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to QuickBooks Online

Get started with QuickBooks Online using our comprehensive guide designed for beginners. Learn everything you need to know to manage your business finances effectively, from setting up your account to generating essential reports. Take control of your financial management and make informed decisions for your business today!

Download now and start simplifying your finances!

Michelle Has Turned My Dreams into Reality

"Michelle has done so much more than coach me with my money mindset. She has held my hand, kicked my butt, and taught me how to make the things I've only ever dreamed of in life actually happen! I thought I needed to know my finances; Michelle taught me I needed to know myself. Now, I feel not only knowledgeable but in control of both my finances and my future."

Dana Harvey
Dana Harvey Communications